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Interstate Commission for Water Coordination of Central Asia



Analysis of water management situation on the Amudarya and Syrdarya river basins for the vegetation/non-vegetation


Database of the Aral Sea

Database of the Amudarya river basin

Database of the Syrdarya river basin

Database of the Zeravshan river basin

Database of the Karadarya river basin

Database of the Chirchik river basin

Database of the Surkhandarya river basin

Database of the Kashkadarya river basin

Models and Tools

Regional Information System on Water and Land Resources in the Aral Sea Basin (CAWater-IS)

The Aral Sea Basin Management Model

WUEMoCA - Water Use Efficiency Monitor in Central Asia

Knowledge bases

Knowledge Base on Amudarya river basin

Knowledge Base on Syrdarya river basin

IWRM: Central Asian experience

International and National Water Law

International and National Land Law


Bulletins of ICWC

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The Network of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia Water Management Organisations

GWANET - Gender and Water in Central Asia


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