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Interstate Commission for Water Coordination of Central Asia

International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea

The International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea (IFAS) was established by a decision of the Heads of CA states on the 4th of January 1993 with the aim of developing and funding environmental and applied research projects and programs in order to improve ecological situation in the areas affected by the Aral Sea catastrophe and address the socioeconomic issues in the region.

The organizational setup of IFAS:

Council of Heads of the Founding States of IFAS is the supreme body of IFAS; meetings of the Council are held by agreement between the Heads of the founding states.

President of IFAS. IFAS is headed by the President elected among the Presidents of Central Asian states for 3 years.

IFAS Board. The Fund is managed by the Board, which includes the Deputy Prime Ministers of the IFAS founding states. The Board of the Fund meets at least twice a year. Founding States may propose additional meetings of the Board.

IFAS Revision Commission. The commission is entrusted with the function of verifying the financial activities of the Fund. However, due to the fact that the Fund does not accumulate the general funds of the founding states, and each founding state finances its projects as its contribution to the activities of the Fund, the Commission is still being created, but its meetings have not been held.

The Revision Commission is delegated by one representative from each of the founding countries at the level of deputy ministers of economy and finance, responsible for budget contributions to the Fund.

The Executive Committee of IFAS is a permanent body of the Fund and is created by the decision of the President of the Fund,and located on the basis of rotation in the country presiding in the Fund. The IFAS Executive Committee consists of 10 members – two representatives from each of the founding countries. The IFAS Executive Committee is managed by the Chairman, who is appointed by the President of the Fund in agreement with the Heads of the founding states.

Regulation on the Executive Committee of IFAS is approved by the decision of the President of the Fund. The main tasks of the IFAS Executive Committee are:

  • practical implementation of decisions of the Heads of State;
  • implementation of relevant projects and programs of the Aral Sea basin;
  • coordination of the branches activities in the territory of the founding states;
  • promotion of ICWC and ICSD activites;
  • cooperation with international organizations, donor countries, environmental and other funds to enhance activities to address environmental issues;
  • attract the funds for project and program management;
  • preparation of documents and meetings of the IFAS Board, as well as conferences and meetings of the Heads of State on the problems of the Aral Sea.

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