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Interstate Commission for Water Coordination of Central Asia

Executive Bodiies of ICWC

Executive Bodiies of ICWC are:

  • Basin Water Organization “Amudarya”
  • Basin Water Organization “Syrdarya”
  • Secretariat ICWC
  • Scientific-Information Center ICWC
  • Coordination Metrological Center ICWC

BWOs are in charge of planning and managing water flow schedules and water resources distribution, as well as direct implementation of the decisions made by ICWC relevant to water allocation, schedules of water flow and releases, water quality control.

SIC ICWC is an information and analytical body, which develops methods and approaches of perspective development, improvement of water management and ecological situation in the basin.

SIC ICWC is collaborating with a network of scientific and design organizations of the five countries of Central Asia, has national branches in other three countries which, in turn, organize scientific and information exchange at the national level.