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Interstate Commission for Water Coordination of Central Asia

Secretariat ICWC

The continuing ICWC body (Secretariat) was founded on 10 October 1993 by the decision made at the meeting of the Interstate Commission for Water Coordination. The Secretariat is a continuing ICWC work body, and functions in accordance with the Agreement between Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan on Joint Management of Interstate Source Water Resources Use and Protection and Provision on an Interstate Commission for Water Coordination.

The Secretariat is located in Dushanbe city, Tajikistan.

The Secretariat is responsible for:

  • organizing fulfilling commissions from ICWC;
  • preparing programs, measures and draft decisions at ICWC meetings together with BWO “Syrdarya” and BWO “Amudarya”;
  • drawing up cost estimates of operation and capital construction for financing BWO “Syrdarya” and BWO “Amudarya” at the expense of ICWC Member States;
  • accounting and reporting on fulfilling plan for operation and capital construction;
  • controlling receipt of money from ICWC Member States designed for BWO “Syrdarya” and BWO “Amudarya” for operation, capital construction, and other activities to be carried out this year;
  • coordinating international relations.

The Secretariat can be liquidated or reorganized according to the legislation of a country of residence.