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Interstate Commission for Water Coordination of Central Asia

Statute of the Scientific-Information Center of ICWC

I. General

1.1. According to Agreement between the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and the Republic of Uzbekistan on co-operation in interstate water sources' water resources use and protection common management, which was signed on 18th February 1992 in Almaty, ICWC has been established.

1.2. According to the ICWC decision of 5th December 1992 Interstate Scientific-Information Center (SIC) of ICWC was created.

SIC ICWC comprises:

Regional scientific-research institute - SPA SANIIRI,

Regional design institute - PKTI "Vodavtomatica and Metrologiya",

Five head national scientific-information centers:

  1. Kazgiprovodkhoz
  2. Kyrghizgiprovodkhoz
  3. TajikNIIGiM
  4. Turkmengiprovodkhoz
  5. PO "Uzvodproect"

Six national organizations:

  1. KazNIIVKH
  2. KyrgyzNIIirrigation
  3. IWP of Kyrgyz National Academy of Science
  4. Tadjikgiprovodkhoz
  5. IWP of Turkmen National Academy of Science
  6. IWP of Uzbek National Academy of Science

and also national SIC ICWC branches.

II. Goals and objectives

2.1. SIC ICWC is charged as the ICWC executive body in decisions draft preparation on prospective development and water policy, water use and management perfection and ecological situation in the basin improvement.

2.2. Following this goal SIC ICWC by the means of involving organizations executes background and preparation of the Central Asian states' projects on the following issues:

  • common water policy, elaboration of its main directions with regard to population and industry branches of the Central Asian states' interests;
  • common program of water saving in the region and water supply provision improvement in the Amudarya and Syrdarya river basins and measures on their realization;
  • continuation of works on scientific background of possibilities of water transfer from other basins in the Aral Sea basin;
  • ecological situation improvement and consequences liquidation connected with Aral Sea desiccation and water sources exhaustion, natural situation in the Aral side, rivers deltas and in the basin sanitation;
  • Amudarya and Syrdarya channel processes stabilization, scientific-grounded bank protection measures elaboration;
  • water account and measurements perfection, new highly efficient technical means creation;
  • BWOs' automated management system scientific background and methodological preparation;
  • water-economic and water-protective measures' economic assessment;
  • unified information system creation on water resources use, water and land monitoring.

2.3. Besides, SIC ICWC is charged by the following tasks:

2.3.1. Development of cooperative links on water-saving technologies, new watering methods and technique, water account and measurements and other measures, including pilot sites creation.

2.3.2. Publication and information provision of water-related organizations about advanced methods, scientific-technical achievements, specifications of ICWC members' enterprises production.

2.3.3. Regional reference-information fund organization with regard to specific features of the states' economic development, its provision with literature and licenses including reference-information services and literature exchange.

2.3.4. Coordination and expertise of all international projects carried out on regional problems of Central Asia and "Program of concrete actions".

Carrying out projects by means of organizations belonging to SIC ICWC, projects financing is executed through SIC ICWC. Reports acceptance and expertise is carried out with participation of all interested countries.

2.3.5. Joint ventures of regional meaning establishing.

2.3.6. Regional training courses organization for water-economy specialists.

III. Activity organization

3.1. SIC ICWC organizes its activity directly and through its branches according to program established by ICWC with attraction of design institutes, scientific-research institutes, design bureaus, etc.

3.2. SIC ICWC coordinates established by ICWC plan fulfillment by regional and national research and design organizations and SIC ICWC branches and accepts and approves programs reports.

3.3. SIC ICWC has own editorial-publishing base for preparation and publication of bulletins, information sheets, newsletters, etc.

3.4. States - ICWC members have right to use free of charge SIC ICWC reference-information fund.

3.5. SIC ICWC and its branches' financing is proccured through the republics' Minvodkhozs:

  • information system elaboration and maintenance on the base of cost estimates approved by ICWC and agreed with EC ICAS and IFAS Executive Direction on expense of member fees to the Aral Fund with expenses distribution between the republics according to share of used water resources;
  • bulletin and other ICWC information publication - in equal shares for each republics;
  • prospective planning and scientific and design problems development within the ICWC plan - by each Minvodkhoz on expense of fees to the Aral Fund.

IV. Leadership

4.1. SIC ICWC General Leadership is executed by Regional Council including all involved organizations' directors and branches heads.

Regional Council is responsible for:

  • preparation of common working plans submitted to ICWC approval;
  • coordination of joint researches on scientific-technical provision of the regional water-related problems, ecological programs elaboration and scientific ground measures on Amudarya and Syrdarya water resources preservation and development;
  • preparation of proposals to ICWC on projects' leaders appointment, which are carried out within the international organization programs.

4.2. SIC ICWC is headed by Executive Director which is appointed by ICWC.

4.3. SIC ICWC Director:

  • leads all Center's activity in periods between the Regional Council meetings, represents Center's interests without letter of attorney, signs agreements, gives letters of attorney;
  • makes orders and regulations within his competence, selects and distributes personnel, approves staff composition, establishes monthly and additional payments, bonuses, etc.
  • makes quarterly reports on the Regional Council meetings;

4.4. Under SIC ICWC Director's Leadership managerial staff and Regional Computer Center, foreign relations department, information-publishing division and water resources management department are established according to attached scheme.

4.4.1. SIC ICWC has juridical rights, stamp with Russian and English inscription, bank accounts, property and own balance.

4.4.2. SIC ICWC locates in Tashkent and works according to Uzbekistan legislation, given status and Interstate Council decision on international status of all organizations related to the Aral Sea problems.

4.4.3. SIC ICWC has right to establish own branches and divisions in the states - ICWC members with their agreement.

4.5. SIC ICWC is financed according to para 3.5 on the expense of budget payments of the states-founders and also on grants, loans and other payment of international organizations, on share of structural divisions income, which is annually established by SIC ICWC Regional Council, and works carried out under contracts by SIC ICWC itself.

4.6. On the sovereign states' territory all Aral Sea projects are carried out by the national institutes and organizations of states - ICWC members.

V. Status fund and property

5.1. SIC ICWC status fund is 8672 th. sums and consists of its main funds and payments of ICWC members and EC ICAS on expense of the Aral Fund and the countries-donors' subsidies.

5.2. Property which is purchased on expense of ICWC members and other sources is ICWC property.

5.3. After SIC ICWC activity cessation its property is shared between the states according to share of participation.

VI. Account and revision

6.1. SIC ICWC carries out operative and counting account and if necessary submits reports (accounts) on all kinds of scientific, financial and economic activity, particularly under ICWC contracts, provides accounts and balances reliability.

6.2. SIC ICWC carries out its activity under ICWC supervision and submits all its reports to ICWC meetings.

6.3. Revision of SIC ICWC economic and financial activity is executed by revision commission established by ICWC.

If necessary revision could be executed with attraction of auditorial organization.

VII. External economic activity

7.1. SIC ICWC according to ICWC order carries out external economic activity with organizations which is not involved in ICWC and international organizations on international problems of the Aral Sea basin development including scientific-technical co-operation, joint ventures establishing, coming in technologies market, external trade relations, sponsors and grants attraction to ICWC work financing.

7.2. Financial means obtained from international organizations-sponsors and banks are allocated between republics for regional tasks solution by affirmation of ICWC.

VIII. Activity cessation

SIC ICWC cessates its activity on ICWC decision.