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Interstate Commission for Water Coordination of Central Asia

By-law of the Basin Water Association “Syrdarya”

I. General

1.1. Basin water association "Syrdarya" here-in-after called BWO "Syrdarya" is an executive and interdepartmental control body of ICWC of Central Asia republics, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan and acts on the base of an intergovernmental agreement.

1.2. BWO "Syrdarya" is an interstate body and is financed by interested ICWC-members.

1.3. BWO "Syrdarya" provides water resources within ICWC established limits in the Syrdarya river basin. It operates water-intakes, hydropowers, reservoirs of common use, interstate canals under strict observance to nature protection requirements and implementing measures on ecological situation improvement.

1.4. BWO "Syrdarya" is led in its activity by actual legislation of the states - ICWC-members, agreements, protocols, ICWC decisions and by given status.

1.5. BWO "Syrdarya" has own balance, has juridical rights, stamps and bank accounts.

1.6. BWO "Syrdarya" executes its functions within the Syrdarya river basin.

II. BWO "Syrdarya" main objectives

2.1. Guaranteed water supply timely provision to water consumers according to ICWC established water-intake limits from interstate sources and water releases to the Aral Sea and Amudarya delta and also operative control of established limits, interstate reservoirs operation regime, water quality control.

2.2. Planning of water-intake by head water structures, common use reservoirs regime, preparation and concordance by ICWC of water resources limits for all water consumers in the basin.

2.3. Creation of automated system of the Syrdarya river water resources management, water account and measurements on the head water structures, their equipment by automatical and telemechanical means.

2.4. Executing jointly with Hydromet services water control measurements on border sites for balance account of the river flow.

2.5. Reconstruction and operation of hydropowers, head water structures, interstate canals, automated system of the Syrdarya water resources management, repair and maintenance of all objects under provisional administration of BWO.

2.6. Executing customer's functions on scientific-research works, design and construction of new objects and reconstruction of old ones.

2.7. Elaboration and execution together with water-related organizations of the states special measures on flood prevention, settlements and irrigated lands protection against flood and other emergency situations.

III. BWO "Syrdarya" rights and obligations

BWO "Syrdarya" according to charged functions executes:

3.1. Syrdarya basin water resources operative management, water-intake limits observance control and submits annually to the Minvodkhozs of the states - ICWC-members water resources balance.

Makes water-intake limits correction according to year humidity and agrees it with ICWC-members.

3.2. Prepare and submits to ICWC proposals on water-intake limits for appropriate year (with division on growing and non-growing periods) for each state on the base of jointly adopted decision with regard to foreseen water situation and releases to the Aral Sea and Syrdarya delta.

3.3. Provides elaboration and concordance with all interested ICWC-members water reservoirs, hydropowers, water-intakes operational regime and submits it to the ICWC meeting for approval.

3.4. Water intake and supply account, water balance and responsibility for their reliability.

3.5. Hydrostructures maintenance perfection, updated technology and mechanization, modern techniques, water account and allocation automatical and telemechanical means, scientific experience introduction.

3.6. Controls financial activity of its divisions, revises their working activity, introduces new methods.

3.7. Selects its divisions' staff adjusting it with the appropriate ministries.

3.8. Provides safety rules observance.

3.9. Assists to other organizations in normatives, recommendations and regulations elaboration for water-related objects.

IV. BWO "Syrdarya" structure and leadership

4.1. There are following structural units within the framework of BWO "Syrdarya":

Gulistan mobile mechanization division in Gulistan, Gulistan transportation enterprise in Gulistan, farm in Gulistan, repair-construction enterprise in Uchkurgan, hydropower department in Gulistan, Uchkurgan, Chirchik, Charwak and Toktogul reservoir department in Tashkymyr.

4.2. Association is led by the head, which is appointed by ICWC decision.

4.3. BWO's head leads BWO's activity and is responsible for work results before ICWC and his staff.

4.4. BWO's head has right:

  • make orders and proposals on item 4.1 changes within established order;
  • approve plans on design, cost estimates, titles, research and constructing works within the established limits;
  • administrate BWO property according to actual legislation;
  • sign agreements, acts and accounts within his competence;
  • make BWO's personnel arrangements adjusting them with the states' water organizations;
  • act on behalf of BWO without any letter of attorney and introduce BWO on all questions;
  • act in the court or arbitration committee on behalf of BWO within the actual legislation.

4.5. Deputy head and other personnel competence is determined by staff regulations, which are approved by BWO head.

V. BWO "Syrdarya" property and financial means

5.1. BWO property consist of financial means and other property transmitted by the states in provisional terms without right of transmission or trade-off.

5.2. Association submits within established order accounts on all kinds of its activity, provides their reliability in appropriate states, located in the Syrdarya basin.

VI. Status changes and BWO activity cessation

6.1. BWO status can be changed by ICWC decision.

6.2. BWO cessates its activity by ICWC decision.

Meeting Chairman A.Ilamanov