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Interstate Commission for Water Coordination of Central Asia

Meetings of ICWC

The 20th ICWC meeting

21-22 August 1998, Cholpon-Ata, Kyrgyzstan


1. About the growing period irrigation of the current year and additional measures on its successful completion.

2. About technical state of interstate water structures, objects and necessary measures in relation with flood discharges.

3. Consideration of the project "Agreements between the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and the Republic of Uzbekistan about information exchange for carrying out database of the Water Resources Complex Use and Protection in the Aral Sea Basin (DB WRCUP ASB).

4. Consideration of the Draft Agreement between the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and the Republic of Uzbekistan «About principles of share participation in compensation on exploitation and technical maintenance of in water structures, offered by Kyrgyz Republic (it is introduced in addition according the decision of Governments Heads Council.)

5. About water reservoirs Naryn-Syrdarya cascade operation regimeon the non-growing period of 1998-1999 (it is introduced in addition by BWO «Syrdarya»)

6. About the next 21st ICWC meeting’s agenda.


The 19th ICWC meeting

15 May 1998, Shymkent, Kazakhstan


1. The results of the non-growing period of 1997-1998 and the clarification of the water reservoirs’ cascade operation regime and the water intake limits in Amudarya river basin for the growing period of 1998 (responsible: BWO "Amudarya" and BWO "Syrdarya").

2. The report on the works on the complex use and Aral Sea basin's water resources protection information system’s development and the main points on the information exchange (Responsible: SIC ICWC).

3. About giving the international status to BWO "Amudarya" and BWO "Syrdarya" (Responsible: BWO "Amudarya" and BWO "Syrdarya").

4. An additional point "The main goals and aspects of the Aral Sea basin’s water resources rational use strategy" enclosed according to the EC IFAS Board’s decision of March 12, 1998.


The 18th ICWC meeting

21 February 1998, Ashkhabad, Turkmenistan


1. Consideration and approval of operation regime of water-reservoirs cascades and limits for 1998 (responsible: BWO "Amudarya, BWO "Syrdarya");

2. Programme of organisational-financial provision of ICWC and its entities activity in 1998 and next 5 years, including:

  • Plan of maintenance financing;
  • Plan of design scientific work of SIC ICWC and its organizations;
  • Plan of measures on dryness drought overcoming:
  • Plan of activities on hydrometeoservices and water accounting improvement

(responsible: ICWC members, BWO "Amudarya, BWO "Syrdarya", SIC ICWC).

3. About readiness of interstate systems and structures to the growing period of 1998 (responsible: ICWC members, BWO "Amudarya, BWO "Syrdarya").

Additional issue

1. "About organization of Central Asian consulting association on water-related problems".


The 17th ICWC meeting

26 September 1997, Tashkent, Uzbekistan


1. About water release to the Aral Sea arrangement and water use in the deltas (responsible: BWO «Syrdarya», BWO «Amudarya», SIC ICWC).

2. About elaboration of the regional criteria on water resources use in the basin (responsible: SIC ICWC).

3. Information of the ICWC members and their organizations about ICWC decisions’ fulfillment, adopted in 1996-1997 (responsible: ICWC members, SIC ICWC, BWO «Syrdarya», BWO «Amudarya»).

4. About dry season 1997 overcoming and ICWC prospective goals (responsible: BWO «Syrdarya», BWO «Amudarya», SIC ICWC).

5. About preparation of the draft Agreement on the State Water-Energy Concern's creation.

6. Information about ICWC delegation participation in the meeting of the Executive Committee of International Commission in Irrigation and Drainage on September 8-12, 1997.

7. Information about ICWC mission's fulfillment on the water resources forecasts' amplification by Hydromet service (responsible: BWO «Syrdarya», SIC ICWC).

8. Consideration of proposal for ICWC founders' nomination for Stockholm Water Fund Prize (EC IFAS).


The 16th ICWC meeting

22 April 1997, Dushanbe, Tajikistan


1. Report on the use of the limits of water resources in non-vegetation period of 1996-1997 water management year and approval of the schedule of operation of the reservoirs on Amudarya and Syrdarya rivers for vegetation period (responsible: BWO "Amudarya" and BWO "Syrdarya")

2. Process of implementation of the "Program of concrete actions" (responsible: members of ICWC, BWO "Amudarya", BWO "Syrdarya", SIC ICWC)

3. Draft agreement on improvement of the activity of the water management organizations and improvement of legal documents on water resources management of the Aral Sea basin (responsible: SIC ICWC, BWO "Amudarya" and BWO "Syrdarya")

Additional issues

1. Draft decision of ICWC on improvement of the activity of the interstate water management organizations in connection with the decision of the Heads of states of February 28, 1997 (responsible: SIC ICWC, BWO "Amudarya" and BWO "Syrdarya")

2. Nomination of former leaders of the water management organizations of the Central Asian states-founders of ICWC as honored members of ICWC.


The 15th ICWC meeting

13 December 1996, Zhambyl, Kazakhstan


1. Consideration and affirmation of water-intake limits, Syrdarya and Amudarya water reservoirs cascades operational regime and water supply to the Aral side and Aral Sea in 1996-1997 with due regard to perennial cycle of the river basins humidity (responsible BWO "Syrdarya" and BWO "Amudarya").

2. About relationship with international donors on the Aral Sea problem (responsible SIC ICWC).

3. ICWC Secretariat report about its activity in 1995-1996 (responsible ICWC Secretariat).

4. About the ICWC report on the ICAS meeting "About the ICWC activity since April till December 1996" (responsible SIC ICWC).

5. About the trip of water managing organizations leaders of Central Asia in Israel (responsible SIC ICWC).


The 14th ICWC meeting

9 August 1996, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan


1. Making more accurate limits of intakes, reservoirs cascades operation regime on Amudarya and Syrdarya rivers and flash volume to the Aralside and Aral Sea, 1995-1996. (Responsible: BWO "Syrdarya", BWO "Amudarya")

2. About technical state of the objects, transmitted under provisional management to BWO (responsible: BWO "Syrdarya", BWO "Amudarya")

3. About SIC ICWC plan-1995 fulfilment and consideration of its plan-1996-1998 (responsible: SIC ICWC)

4. About plan and progress in WARMAP project 2nd phase, including preliminary consideration of legislative documents (responsible: SIC ICWC)

5. About perfection of the ICWC structure (responsible: SIC ICWC and leading research institutes)

6. About next ICWC meeting agenda.


The 13th ICWC meeting

19 January, 1996, Chardjou, Turkmenistan


1. Forecasting analysis, regulation of limits and regime of operation of water reservoirs, improvement of water distribution mechanism of Amudarya and Syrdarya rivers in 1995-1996 hydrological year (including dry period of 1995 year) (responsible BWO "Syrdarya" and BWO "Amudarya").

2. Admission of ICWC to the International Commission of Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) as a collective member (responsible SIC ICWC).

3. On activities of ICWC state-members of towards implementation of the "Program of concrete actions..." including articles 9, 10, adopted at Nukus conference of Central Asian states’ leaders (responsible ICWC secretariat, BWO "Syrdarya", BWO "Amudarya").

4. Appeal to Economic and Social Commission of Asia and Pacific Ocean (ESCAP) about opening of the representation of this Commission in one of the capitals of Central Asian states (responsible ICWC, SIC ICWC).

5. Analysis of "Main positions and principles of water strategy in the Aral Sea Basin" with consideration of comments and proposals of ICWC members (responsible SIC ICWC).

6. About next ICWC meeting agenda.


The 12th ICWC meeting

27 June 1995, Bukhara, Uzbekistan


1. On the course of fulfilling the plan (limit) of water intake in the vegetation period in 1995 (responsible BWO "Amudarya" and BWO "Syrdarya").

2. On following the limits and using water resources in the non-vegetation period in hydrological year 1994/1995 (responsible: BWO "Amudarya" and BWO "Syrdarya").

3. On the course of performing the program 1.1 "To develop common strategy of water resources allocation, use and conservation in the Aral Sea basin", approved by the heads of Central Asian states at the conference in Nukus on 11 January 1994 (responsible: SIC ICWC).

4. On developing the mechanism of ICWC information provision on water resources use in the context of zones, regions, and agricultural crops with the purpose of the further improvement of water productivity per unit of produce.

5. Developing and approving the mechanism of control over Syrdarya and Amudarya river channel processes (responsible: BWO "Amudarya" and BWO "Syrdarya", SIC ICWC, design and research institutes of ICWC member countries, oblvodkhozes).

6. On the agenda of the next ICWC meeting.

Additional issue

1. On Naryn-Syrdarya cascade operation mode in the remaining vegetation period.

The 11th ICWC meeting

27 May 1995, Shymkent, Kazakhstan


1. On Naryn-Syrdarya reservoirs cascade operation mode in summer period of 1995.