The Central Asian International Scientific-Practical Conference
“The 25 years of Water Cooperation in Central Asia:
Achievements, Lessons Learnt and Future Outlook”

23-24 November 2017, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Documents | Round-table sessions

Round table 1: Transboundary water cooperation as an important driver of food, energy, and environmental security in Central Asia

Nysanbayev Ye.N. (Ministry of Agriculture, Republic of Kazakhstan) – “A Matter of Survival - Report of the Global High-Level Panel on Water and Peace”

Khushvaktov I.N. (Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan) - “Central Asia – the Main Priority of the Foreign Policy of Uzbekistan”

Kholmatov D.A. (Ministry of Energy and Water Resources, Republic of Tajikistan) – “Transboundary Water Cooperation as the Foundation of Joint and Mutually Beneficial Development in the Central Asian Region”

Paschiyev Ya.D. (Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of Turkmenistan) – “Water Saving in Turkmenistan: Experience and Future Outlook”

Salohiddinov A.T. (Tashkent Institute of Irrigation Engineers and Agricultural Mechanization) – “Water Sector Capacity Building – Essential Mechanism for Regional Sustainable Development”

Nikolayenko A. (GIZ TWMCA Programme) – “Enhancement of Regional Water Cooperation in Central Asia: Future Challenges”

Muminov Sh. (SIC ICWC) – “Agricultural Development Forecast Scenarios for the Amudarya River Basin for 2050” (based on PEER Project results)

Nurmuhammedova G. (Global Water Partnership for Central Asia and Caucasus) – “Global Agenda and GWP/ GWP CACENA as an Action Network”

Gevinian S. (IGRAC and IHE-Delft Institute for Water Education) – “Interstate Water Cooperation: from Assessment to Water Diplomacy”

Round table 2: Integrated water resources management as a tool for ‘green growth’ and adaptation to climate change

Mirzaev N.N. (SIC ICWC) – “Experience of Implementation of IWRM and Water Conservation Technologies in Central Asia”

Imasheva G.S. (Ministry of Agriculture, Republic of Kazakhstan) – “IWRM as a concept of water resources management”

Kamolidinov A. (Project of Integrated Zarafshan River Basin Management) – “Perspective Implementation of IWRM in Tajikistan”

Mamutov R.A. (Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, Republic of Uzbekistan) – “IWRM in the context of Irrigated Agriculture in Uzbekistan”

Babadjanov M. (Production Agricultural Association of Dashoguz velayat, Turkmenistan) – “IWRM as a Tool for Green Growth”

Agaltseva N. (UzHydromet) – “Climate Change and its Impact on Water Resources in the Aral Sea Basin”

Hajiyev B. UNECE) – “Adaptation to Climate Change in the Chu-Talas Basin”

Islamova O. (SDC) – “Disaster Risk Management as Important Element of IWRM”

Yakovlev A. (Hydrosolutions LLC, Switzerland) – “Modernization of Data Management as a Basis for IWRM”

Manthrithilake H. (International Water Management Institute) – “New Opportunities and Challenges for Implementation of IWRM: Case-study of IWMI Projects”

Sorokin A.G. (SIC ICWC) – “Transboundary Water Management Adaptation in the Amudarya Basin to Climate Change Uncertainties” (based on PEER Project results)

Moldobekov B.D. (Central Asian Institute for Applied Geosciences) – “Water Resources of Kyrgyzstan in the Context of Climate Change”

Special session: Encouraging young water professionals to address the water use related issues

Samakov A. (Cultural Research Center “Aygine”) – “ ‘Social Life’ of Rivers: History of Environment, Social World, and Conflict Settlement along the Naryn-Syrdarya”

Shoergasheva Sh. (Tashkent Institute of Irrigation Engineers and Agricultural Mechanization) – “Enhancement of Youth Collaboration in the Region for Better Water Use and Environmental Conservation”

Abdikayim Zh. (ETH Zurich) – “Sustainable Water Resources and Agricultural Management using Environmental Life Cycle Assessment”

Round table 3: Improving legal framework of water cooperation and promoting water diplomacy as a prerequisite for good neighborly relationship between the Central Asian countries

Ziganshina D.R. (SIC ICWC) – “International Law, Diplomacy and Water Resources in Central Asia”

Bondarik I.G. (ICID) – “Evolution of Land Reclamation in the World: Results, International Cooperation, Investment Policy, State Support”

Kenshimov A.K. (Executive Direction of IFAS in Kazakhstan) – “International Legal Tools and National Water Law in Kazakhstan”

Mukhammedov A. (Middle Darya Administration) – “Improvement of Legal Framework for Water Cooperation and Promotion of Water Diplomacy”

Khasanov U.A. (University of World Economy and Diplomacy) – “Positive Learning from Global Lessons in Addressing Water and Energy Problems in the context of Central Asian Region”

Wehrli A. (Embassy of Switzerland in Kazakhstan) – “Water Diplomacy in Central Asia”

Kazakov B.A. (Information and Analytical Center of International Relations) – “The Idea and Relevance of the UN Initiatives on Legal Regulation of Water Related Issues in Central Asia”

Dzhailoobaev A.Sh. (National Water Partnership of the Kyrgyz Republic) – “Measures of Water Security in the Kyrgyz Republic”

Akhmadjonov V. (Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, Republic of Uzbekistan) – “Suggestions on the Main Provisions of Legal Documents for Water Cooperation in Central Asia”

Videnina Yu. (International Network of Basin OrganizationsO) – “Global Alliances for Water and Climate: Results and Prospects”

Round table 4: Enhancement of water education and professional development as well as improvement of regional and national training activities in Central Asia

Tovmasjan K. (UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office) – “Water education as a Key towards Better Water Security and Cooperation in Central Asia”

Babadjanov M. (Production Agricultural Association of Dashoguz velayat, Turkmenistan) – “Better Education and Capacity Building in the Water Sector of Turkmenistan”

Rysbekov Yu.Kh. (SIC ICWC) – “Water Sector Professional Development in Central Asia: Achievements and Tasks for the Future”

Khamidov M.Kh. (Tashkent Institute of Irrigation Engineers and Agricultural Mechanization) – “High Skilled Personnel Training for the Water Sector and Professional Development of Water Managers and Experts in Uzbekistan at TIIEAM”

Janusz-Pawletta B. (Kazakh-German University) – “Prospects of Higher Education and Research in IWRM – Science, Public and Private Sector Relationships in New Education Philosophy”

Islamov U.M. (UNDP Project) – “Provision of Regular Water Professional Development System as a Key Factor of Sustainable Water Governance”

Eshtchanov O.I. (SIC ICWC) – “Capacity and Needs Assessment of Institutions Responsible for Training Provision”

Tsay E. (UNESCO Office in Tashkent) – “Capacity Building for Sustainable Water Management in Uzbekistan”

Cassara M. (The World Bank) – “Central Asia Knowledge Network: Fostering Partnerships for Water & Energy Cooperation”

Kitapbayev A. (CAWa Project) – “Educational and Scientific Components of Berlin Process”

Round table 5: Financial and economic mechanisms of water management and use

Badashev Ye.A. (Executive Direction of IFAS in Kazakhstan) – “Financial and Economic Mechanisms of Water Management and Use in Kazakhstan”

Paschiyev Ya.D. (Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of Turkmenistan) – “Financial and Economic Mechanisms of Water Management and Use in Turkmenistan”

Muminov A.R. (University of World Economy and Diplomacy) – “Transboundary Water Resources as the Subject of International Customary Law”

Ernazarov N.Sh. (State Inspection “Uzvodnadzor”) – “Investments in Ensuring the Safety of Hydrotechnical Facilities”

Tignino M. (Geneva Water Hub, University of Geneva) – “Financial Mechanisms and Joint Water Infrastructure”

Hajiyev B. (UNECE) – “Financing Climate Adaptation in Transboundary Basins”

Mamatov S.A. (Information and Analytical and Resource Center of MAWR in Uzbekistan) – “Improvement of Irrigation Water Productivity through Water Saving Technologies”

Musabaeva K. (National Water Partnership of the Kyrgyz Republic) – “Gender Aspects of Access to Clean Drinking Water”

Round table 6: Water and ecology

Sokolov V.I. (GEF Agency of the IFAS) – “Addressing Problems of South Prearalie”

Karlykhanov A.K. (Aralo-Syrdarya Basin Inspection for Water Use Regulation and Protection, Ministry of Agriculture, Republic of Kazakhstan) – “Water Resources and Ecology in Prearalie”

Fozilov A.R. (Institute of Water Problems, Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan) – “Role of Hydraulic Engineering in Sustainable Development of Tajikistan”

Sanginov S.S. (Executive Committee of the Central Kengash for Environmental Movement in Uzbekistan) – “Public Participation in Water Protection and Rational Use in Uzbekistan”

Orazkulyev K. (Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, Turkmenistan) – “Water Resources and Ecology of Turkmenistan”

Makhmudov I.E. (Irrigation and Water Problems Research Institute) – “Water and Environmental Problems of the Aydaro-Arnasay System of Lakes”

Akramkhanov A. (ICARDA Office in Uzbekistan) – “Review of ICARDA Activities in Central Asia”

Kazbekov J. (CAREC) – “Raising Public Awareness about Water and Environmental Issues”

Tabelinova A.S. (Kazakh branch Lomonosov MSU) – “The Causes of Level Fluctuations in the Aral Sea and their Heterochronic Links with Lakes in Arid Area (with the Caspian Sea and Lake Balkhash)”