Central Asian International Research and Practice Conference

Twenty Years of Water Cooperation among the Central Asian Countries: Past Experience and Future Challenges

Goals of the Conference:

  • Further development of interstate water cooperation
  • Outcomes of twenty-year cooperation
  • Unrealized opportunities, shortcomings, challenges, and ways out.

The Conference is scheduled in the form of two plenary sessions and five concurrent roundtables.

First plenary session key reports on regional priorities


  1. Strengthening of the legal framework for cooperation;
  2. 10th anniversary of the Global Water Partnership for Central Asia and Caucasus - inputs into integrated water resources management;
  3. Water cooperation, water and energy security in Central Asia;
  4. Transboundary river water management;
  5. Preservation of water resources capacity under climate change.

Second plenary session reports of roundtable chairmen, summing up, adopting a Resolution, and closing of the Conference

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