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“Socio-Economic Stability and Water Productivity:
Food and Water Security in Central Asia”

Tashkent, 18-20 March 2008

A chief aim of the workshop was to exchange information and experience between the leading researchers and scientists in Central Asia, as well as with foreign colleagues on ensuring socio-economic stability in the region through improved water and land productivities. This is particularly urgent in light of the fact that the region shelters about 50 million people, of which more than half live in rural area and depend on irrigated agriculture. The efficient irrigated agriculture forms peoples welfare, food independence and environmental security that, in turn, make general socio-economic stability.

The workshop was held in Tashkent since 18 till 20 March 2008. Active participation of national water leaders - ICWC members and executive bodies managers - and their key reports representing the Aral Sea basin made this event more significant.