Schedule of Anniversary Events

1. Jubilee meeting of ICWC

2. Central Asian International Scientific-Practical Conference

3. Special water exhibition

4. Joint EC IFAS and GWP CACENA workshop “Towards to the 1st Asia-Pacific Water Summit”

5. Meeting of IFAS Board of Directors

6. The Conference topics/sessions:

    6.1. Interstate cooperation and the role of ICWC in addressing regional problems

    6.2. Integrated water resources management — a way to achieve MDGs in Central Asia

    6.3. Global Water Partnership in Central Asia and Caucasus: towards 16th session of the UN CSD (2008) for implementation of IWRM plans

    6.4. Environmental challenges in Central Asia: analysis and future outlook

    6.5. Central Asia Regional Water Information Base

    6.6. Integrated water resources management in Kazakhstan: meeting of Basin Councils representatives in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Download agenda of events [pdf, 118 kB]

Venue of anniversary events: hotel Altyn Kargali, 204a, Djandosov street, Almaty