Towards 1st Asian-Pacific Water Summit


25 April 2007, Almaty, Kazakhstan

We, participants of sub-regional workshop Towards 1st Asia-Pacific Water Summit to be held within the framework of Asia-Pacific Water Forum activities, who represent Central Asia and Caucasus, regional and international organizations:

  • are ready to make a specific contribution to implementing objectives of the International Decade for Action Water for Life, 2005-2015;
  • take into account the inter-governmental mandate given to the Executive Committee of International fund for the Aral Saving (EC IFAS) and the important role of the Global Water Partnership for Caucasus and Central Asia (GWP CACENA) in development and strengthening of the cooperation and assistance to regional initiatives in water sector;
  • support the call of Heads of Central Asian states for providing an effective assistance to mitigate the environmental crisis in the Aral Sea, which has reached global catastrophe extent and represents a serious danger to sustainable socio-economic development in the region;
  • acknowledge the vital importance of the Asia-Pacific Water Forum and its 1st Summit in sustainable water resources management to achieve MDGs in Asia-Pacific region.

Having heard and discussed the presented papers, the participants appealed to EC IFAS and GWP CACENA, which are coordinators in Central Asia and Caucasus sub-region, for support in further steps within the framework of APWF, in particular:

  1. Materials received from members of the Regional Working Group (WG) shall be sent to members of ICWC, ICSD and other stakeholders. If necessary, WG members shall provide required further information to coordinators before the end of May 2007;
  2. Coordinators with participation of ICWC, ICSD and EC IFAS Country Offices shall integrate received materials into one document and send it to all stakeholders for submitting remarks and supplements;
  3. Upon agreeing with ICWC, ICSD and EC IFAS Country Offices, final version of the Regional Document shall be sent to all National Governments in Central Asia and Caucasus (no later than September 2007);
  4. Upon completion of activities, a Regional Document covering information on the countries under three Priority Themes of APWF shall be prepared, based on which a brief resume of no more than 20 pages shall be made up.

Regional Council
Nino Chkhobadze

Acting Chairman
Sulton Rakhimov

of APWF President
Hideaki Oda